MYAIRA: AI Powered Automated X-ray Analysis

We have developed R&D Artificial Intelligence (AI) system - MYAIRA XRAY to detect 15 lung and chest disorders including COVID19 from Chest X-Rays. The current AI can detect and differentiate between multiple abnormalities with very high sensitivity and specificity. MYAIRA is already deployed at multiple hospitals and has helped to speedup diagnogis and reduce initial time to treatment.

One of the holy grail of AI is that it can be used to identify factors and pointers that are not known to humankind yet, to detect the onset of novel infections such as COVID-19. We believe that we can uncover detection factors that are not yet known in the literature or to doctors, for identifying the progression of multiple disorders, including the novel COVID-19 virus.

You can upload chest x-rays (PA and AP Views) and get predictions from MYAIRA within a fraction of seconds.


Triage Assistance

MYAIRA assists in triaging patients accurately - categorzing high risk and low risk patients. Reduces Time to Initial Treatment.

Generate Diagnostic Report with ease

Generate radiological report of an x-ray with a single button click.

Continuously Improving AI Model

As and when new clinical data is available, we plan to continue our effort to improve the AI model to be production-ready. So that medical professionals can use our AI services confidently.

Free Trial for Everyone Signup Now

Users can signup up and start evaluating the service for Free.

Blogs, Research and News


COVID-19 Detection using X-RAYs: A Detailed Analysis

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COVID-19 Detection Strategies: A Survey

Upcoming survey on the mindset of medical professionals and the state of COVID-19 detection strategies.

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We are actively looking for any information and chest x-ray data related to COVID-19 and open for strategic partnerships with hospitals, medical colleges, and medical professionals. If interested, please send us an email at

The service hosted online is a freemium service and has limited features. If you want to see the features of premium service, contact us at

About AI-Bharata Company

A stealth mode startup focused on developing next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, services, and emerging technologies including but not limited to Super-Intelligence, Cybernetics, Neuromorphic Computing, and Medical AI. We are building technologies that will assist in solving numerous problems of humanity, improve quality of life and save lives. Due to the ongoing crisis with COVID-19, we are currently focused on developing useful AIs' that can assist in the early detection of COVID-19 infections.


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